An Austrian doctor by the name of Ignaz Perzali, is regarded as the founder of Modern Iridology.  As a doctor he started noticing the changes in the colour and structure of the eyes and iris when they had a disease or change in the condition of their health.  He came to understand that the eyes were the mirrors that reflected information from the inside of the body to the outside.  Today, numerous doctors around the world, utilize iridology to discover information about their patients internal health.


Iridology is an important and unique assessment tool in determining the balance of health in a patient in three areas:

1.         Reveals the particular physical type and condition of the person from the

             image of an eye


2.         By assessing the constitutional type - lymphatic, psychotic, etc., to help us

            determine what type of homeopathic medicine, herbal formula or food is to be

            suggested for the individual.


3.         Rather than a one size fits model, Iridology enables an INDIVIDUAL approach

            based upon each persons’ unique condition, situation, constitution,

            environment, etc..


As an Integrated Health Practitioner, I make a detailed assessment of your unique condition, affecting all areas of your life as well as a review of your diet.  I propose specific adjustments that correspond to your health status and needs.  In addition to providing a nutritional intake adapted to your constitution and your activities, we seek to eliminate toxins accumulated in the body and to support the body in it’s natural functions and to strengthen the overall constitition of the individual

Live Blood Cell Analysis


Live Blood Analysis, also known as live cell microscopy, is a practice where we examine a small drop of your blood under a high-powered microscope that is connected to a screen. Examining the blood on a screen, we look at your red and white blood cells, plasma, and other details to determine the health of your blood and your body overall.


Using Live Blood Analysis, we can show you what we are viewing on the screen and what aspects are of concern. Together, we can look at changes to your diet and lifestyle that will work to increase your energy levels and health, while preventing future health issues.

The difference between traditional blood testing and Live Blood Analysis


With traditional medical blood testing, preserved blood samples are sent to a laboratory where it is analysed for cell counts and chemical composition. With Live Blood Analysis, we are viewing your blood within 20 minutes, while the cells are still alive. This means that we can not only see how many white blood cells you have, but how they are functioning too! This gives us a clearer picture of how your blood is behaving within your body and what changes can be made to improve its function.


The benefits of Live Blood Analysis


An experienced and well-trained practitioner can use Live Blood Analysis to observe the shape and movement of your red blood cells, revealing key nutrition markers such as your levels of iron, protein, vitamins, folic and fatty acids. Your body’s digestive health may also be reflected in your blood analysis, as well as the function of your organs and immune system.


Using Live Blood Analysis to gauge your current health status and progress over time, you can stay motivated to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that benefit your health and well-being for the long-term.


What a Live Blood Analysis can detect:


• Dehydration (low energy, poor concentration)

• Acidity and dysregulation (which can lead to poor health)

• Lack of enzyme factor (not digesting leading to excess weight, allergies, poor nutrition)

• Poor fat intake or digestion

• Poor red blood cell formation (lack of oxygen & energy)

• Liver stress or congestion

• Bowel toxicity

• Thyroid imbalance (the thyroid regulates metabolism)

• Hormonal Imbalance (mood swings, headaches, PMS)

• Heavy metals, chemical load

• Plaque, platelet aggregation (poor blood flow)

• Bacterial infection (rashes, lack of energy)

• Fermentation (from too many carbohydrates or sugars)

• Poor motility of white blood cells (Important for immune system)

• Basophils (a sign of allergic response)


Cyril…who is he?  Primarily for the record, here is my journey.


In my early twenties, I was suffering from mononucleosis and arthritic conditions.  Traditional medical doctors and specialists indicated that in my case, no other solution besides anti-inflammatory prescription medicine was available.  I immediately refused this proposed treatment of traditional medicine and began a process to find an alternative solution to joint pain which ultimately led me two years later to study Naturopathy.   A month after alternative treatments, my arthritic condition began to subside and eventually disappear. 


Being a therapist is a passion and requires constant work on oneself, an approach to eternal learning and living in the moment with the possibilities that each moment offers.  Since 2003 I have been actively practicing as an Integrative Health Practitioner utilizing Iridology to give a complete and thorough overview of the health issues of my patients.  This enables me to help my patients on all levels, physical and psychological; balancing body and mind. 


Alongside my role as therapist, I have also been very active over the last 9 years, as a lecturer and trainer giving conferences and training to health care practitioners across Canada.  My role as Consultant with a renowned Canadian firm in the natural products industry also includes the development of relevant documents in the regulation of NPN (Natural Product Number issued by Health Canada) in addition to being involved in the research and development of new products.  I actively participate in natural products industry fairs with therapists from across Canada; keeping me up to date regarding the latest news and trends in the field. 


Health is everyone's business and we must take responsibility with complimentary and traditional methods to address most optimally the needs of our body and mind.


Health and Happiness to you.  Looking forward to working with you.


Cyril Meyre. Integrated Health Practitioner (IHP)

Homeopath, Iridologist and Live Blood Cell Analyst


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Cyril recommended I go on a Detox and Lymphatic cleanse.  When I started on the program, I started feeling better everyday.  When I went on the Lymphatic cleanse it was amazing how much better I felt every day.  The weight came off and the allergy disappeared and hasn't bothered me since I went on it in 2016.  All is still good.

Gary L....Sexsmith, AB


Great experience......never had such great results.  My mood, energy and weight are under control.  The best part is my body doesn't hurt anymore.

Stacie W...Sexsmith, AB


I saw Cyril for a number of issues.  The solution I received from him that stood out the most was my complaint of 'heavy, tired legs'.  He did up a compound of drops to use.  The very first dose, I noticed a dramatic difference in how my legs felt; not near as heavy, not as tired.  I was somewhat disbelieving but I felt better!!  I will keep using the compound to keep my legs working better for me.

Margery B...Sexsmith, AB


Cyril recommended I.....My blood pressure has dropped from 160/90 to 120/80.

How awesome is that!  Thank you Cyril.

Jamie S...County of Grande Prairie, AB


"I booked an appointment with Cyril Meyre at goHealth in January 2021. It was a lifesaver. I was almost dead. He helped me so much. I feel I have a second life.

I had told doctors over and over again that I had an infection in my stomach and when I went to see Cyril I just sat back to see what comes up.

Within only 3 days after my appointment and following his recommendations I was improving already and it just goes on from there. I am 60 years old and I feel like a 20 year old! I am working full-time again. I am very, very thrilled with the results and I have very high praise for Cyril.

I am booking a follow-up appointment to see where I go from there. I am telling everyone about this and saying to check it out." Maria D....Grande Prairie


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