TheraPro has been offering massage services since 2004. Danielle Tkach comes highly recommended as a massage therapist, MFR practitioner and award winning business owner (Small Business of the Year 2005, High Level , AB)

Many clients come for relief of injuries caused by an accident, muscle pain or tension, tendinitis, TMJ, headaches, post-surgical tissue recovery, complimentary care to ongoing chiropractic or physiotherapy treatments.


Posture Assessment

Your first visit to TheraPro will include a posture assessment. This identifies mechanical imbalances that may be contributing to your current complaint and will guide treatment. Clients should arrive with no lotion on their skin (after shower lotion, sunblock, face cream etc.) and bring shorts or two piece bathing suit to wear.



This type of massage is used when the client has goals of stress relief, improved circulation, working out knots or treating an injury of condition. It may be gentle (stress relief) or deep/vigorous, using a variety of manipulations as well as heat or cold packs. Lotion will be used for a full body treatment or may be injury site specific.



A special body pillow allows the pregnant woman to lie comfortably on her stomach or side. This half or full body massage will help relieve the discomforts you may feel as your body changes. The amount of pressure used will vary depending on your comfort level and preference.


Myofascial Release (MFR)

This treats restrictions, pain and dysfunction in the body as a whole by releasing the fascia (connective tissue) that surrounds muscles and body structures. Gentle sustained pressure releases fascia restrictions that may be causing a variety of symptoms which have not been adequately addressed by massage, physical therapy, chiropractic or other therapies. This is a less painful and more successful alternative to ‘deep tissue massage’ and provides a longer lasting relief for the client.

Business Hours

Monday  to Friday from 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

Located at the Wellness Centre

9907B-100th Street, downtown Sexsmith, AB

Massage Rates

First Visit Assessment $25.00

30 minutes $50.00

45 minutes $75.00

1 Hour $100.00

1.5 Hour $150.00

GST included in all prices. We accept Cash Debit, Visa and Mastercard.